Custom Belly Dance Costumes!

Custom Belly Dance Costumes!

Custom Belly Dance Costumes!

Customizing your own costumes!

What do you recommend?

I was taught to use dental floss instead of thread for the strength. It definitely keeps the decorations secure!

You may notice on this costume; I chose pearls instead of beads or gemstones. I also bought an inexpensive matching jewelry set to sew the bracelets onto the bra and used the pendant from another necklace for the centerpiece and used some other jewelry pieces to decorate the pants along with a gold scarf that I sewed on.

While I did attach the material for the top to the bra myself, the design of the outfit and the construction of the pants were done by the extremely talented Cynthia of Akasha's Garden Waistbeads. 

While it has been over10 years since the design and construction of this costume, I am excited to get back to creating more custom costumes in the near future!

Please reach out if you would like a custom costume and/or if you are good at sewing, clothing creation, customization, etc.


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