Belly Dance Instructor & Performer in Davidson County

Welcome to Belly Dance by Shaula, where I am dedicated to celebrating the love and beauty of the Middle Eastern art of classical and contemporary belly dance while appreciating the various styles of belly dance, fusion dances, and each individuals unique dance style.

I am based in Davidson County, North Carolina and currently offering services throughout Lexington, Tyro, Welcome, and surrounding areas.

I offer a wide range of services, from personalized training sessions to unique and entertaining performances, as well as opportunities to have me teach a workshop or provide a personalized showcase. I believe that dance is a powerful tool for self-development and expression and that everyone can take part in the art form. Whether you only plan to dance for yourself or become an International performer, it is a great experience!

In addition to my personal services, I am passionate about helping others nurture their own belly dance dreams and providing guidance for aspiring belly dancers. I offer customized educational lessons both in the studio and on-site, putting students at ease with my kind and comforting demeanor. Whether it be a complex move or a choreographed routine, my instruction will make sure you feel confident and at home!

Whether it’s learning to move gracefully, developing an appreciation for Middle Eastern culture, or creating a unique performance, I take pride in helping you achieve your dancing goals. My performances are mesmerizing and captivating, while my customized lessons provide fun, relaxed, and entertaining learning experiences.

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an experienced belly dancer, I am here to help you learn and explore the incredible art of belly dance. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at (888) 599-3996 and book a lesson or performance. Or maybe show up at one of my classes at FUEL Tyro or Star Nutrition in Welcome. I look forward to helping you live your belly dancing dreams!

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